Premium Benchmarking

Live competitor analysis by EMIL Group

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Comprehensive market overview

EMIL data pool: Market overview with over 10,000 feature combinations and all relevant players


Choose and compare insurances

Drag & drop: Free configuration of filters and analysis adjustable to each individual insurance feature

Get relevant insights

Insights into competitive position: Comprehensive analyses based on daily updated data incl. export function


Advantages of the Premium Benchmarkings

No integration

The browser-based module brings real added value and works completely stand-alone

High flexibility

The individually configurable filter and analysis options ensure a high degree of flexibility


The module provides an up-to-date and complete data basis that goes far beyond customer profiles or personas

Rapid price analysis

The evaluation of market data happens in real time, thereby enabling fast price analyses in dynamic market environments

Smart insurance pricing

Relevant insights help insurance companies to optimize their rates and to avoid underpricing

Better allocation

Wide-ranging analysis of different products enable a better allocation of sales and marketing budgets

Business Value

The Premium Benchmarking Module enables insurance providers to improve profitability and increase sales.
The EMIL Premium Benchmarking enables...

… to find the perfectly positioning on price comparison sites, to acquire new portal customers and to optimize yields for a profitable portal business.

... to quickly recognize regional and seasonal price differences and leverage them through targeted marketing and sales strategies.

... to filter according to each individual tariff feature and to benchmark the insurance price structure in the market environment.

... to find anomalies in the feature combinations and deliberately differentiate yourself from the competition.

Existing Use Cases

The EMIL Premium Benchmarking is used by WGV and Concordia for smart competitive positioning. Thereby, among others, they were able to optimize profitability of motor vehicle insurances.

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